Main Courses

Enjoy delicious meals made with fresh ingredients that will comfort your soul. We are proud to provide awesome international dishes for people who like and appreciate real food but might not have the time to cook it. All of them get delivered to you in fully recyclable containers. What's the best of all? We offer them at an unbeatable price.

Beef Bourguignon

$4.49 Serves one

Beef Bourguignon is a French classic made with melt in your mouth beef, mushrooms, carrots, and red wine and is cooked to perfection in the most delicious rich sauce. A hearty and comforting meal that you will want to eat again and again.

Mexican Shredded Beef

$4.49 Serves one

This Mexican Shredded Beef is the perfect mix of incredibly flavorful meat with the right touch of rich and thick sauce, which makes it perfect for tacos, burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas, piled high on Mexican Red Rice or stuffed in rolls to make sliders.

Salisbury Steak

$4.49 Serves one

Our Salisbury Steak consists of homemade hamburger meat balls smothered in a rich and flavorful brown gravy of mushrooms and onions. They're the perfect comfort food for a weekday dinner or lazy weekend.

Southern Chili Con Carne

$4.49 Serves one

One of our old time favorites, this hearty dish has chili peppers, tomatoes and beans with the right level of spice that'll heat up your soul. Enjoy it with shredded cheese and use corn chips for dipping.

Honey Chipotle Pulled Pork

$4.49 Serves one

This mouth-watering smoky meat combines tender shredded pork with a homemade sweet & slightly spicy sauce of Chipotle chiles, honey and lime. Use it to make the tastiest sandwiches, burritos, quesadillas, and more!

Chicken Marsala

$4.49 Serves one

Chicken Marsala is an Italian-American dish of golden pan-fried chicken breast cutlets and mushrooms in a rich Marsala wine sauce. Best of all, you can pair it with our creamy mashed potatoes, rice or pasta.

Spaghetti Sauce

$4.49 Serves one

Very different from canned or jar versions, our spaghetti sauce is made with fresh ingredients; and it shows. Mushrooms, red peppers, tomatoes and shallots with a special mixture of herbs are the key elements to make this dish the favorite of many.

Get all our main dishes on your doorstep warm and ready to eat.
Get all our main dishes frozen. Use a microwave or oven to heat them up in a couple of minutes.

Side Dishes

They say potatoes go with everything, and we've find that to be true in almost all the cases. With this in mind, we've design these side dishes to complement to perfection all of our main dishes. Remember all our plates and side dishes serve two people!

Mashed Potatoes

$1.99 Serves one

Simple but unforgettable are our super smooth mashed potatoes, full of flavor and with that touch of butter that you'll love. They're the perfect side dish for any of our main courses.

Corn Tortillas Chips

$1.99 Serves one

The chips are made our of corn, water, salt and oil. Savory, crunchy and slightly spicy, they are the perfect match for our Mexican Shredded Beef or Southern Chili Con Carne.


We want our customers to be happy and we want you to share this happiness with the people you care for. For this reason, we've created just for you these mix and match combos where you pick your favorite food and save money at the same time.

Personal combo

$5.99 Serves one

Any Main dish and any side dish of your preference.

Couple combo

11.49 Serves two

Two main dishes and two side dishes of your preference.

Family combo

$22.49 Serves four

Four main dishes and four side dishes of your preference.


Don't miss this offers we have design just for you. We change them every other week so don't forget to check their description before ordering.

Same Main Course

$7.99 Serves two

Get 11% discount by buying two equal main courses.

Same Side Dish

$3.49 Serves two

Get 14% discount by buying two equal side dishes.


Quito Kitchen provides delivery to the greater Quito, Ecuador metropolitan area. We are located near La Carolina Park in central Quito and delivery costs start at 2 dollars for central Quito and go to 5 dollars for outer Quito. Please contact us for exact delivery prices when you order.

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